Properties for Sale and Rent in Malaga

Estate agencies in Malaga are offering a great variety of properties on the area's favourite locations. In Malaga you can find an excellent selection of properties for sale and rent, ranging from contemporary villas to classic houses set in their own land.

Here you can find a wonderful selection of the very best Country Houses, Rural Fincas Cortijos and Traditional Village Homes in Malaga and cover the most popular locations, many only a short drive from the coast!
Renting is the first choice of most new expatriates until they become familiar with their new home. A nice two bedroom apartment in Malaga city will be leased for around 800 Euro per month, with a three bedroom only slightly more. Be aware that in Spain you may be asked to pay up to four months rent in advance plus one months security deposit. This is standard practice, but you are able to haggle, especially in tight economic times. However, dont expect to pay less than one month in advance plus one month security deposit.

As for buying a home, prices in Malaga are much lower than in the nearby coastal resort towns. A three bedroom duplex that sells for 350,000 Euros in Marbella will sell for 50,000 Euros less in Malaga – leaving you plenty of money for a nice car to travel the extra 20 kilometres to the beach.

Property Management Marbella

Property Management Marbella in Malaga

Our main objective is to provide our clients with the best possible service. If you have not found what you are looking for, please contact us and we will find it for you. We also have a great team of subcontractors for any job that is required.

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Idealista Malaga

Idealista in Malaga

This magnificent property which is located in of the best areas of Pinares de San Antón, is surrounded by a beautiful unevenness garden, with swimming pool, clear views and several paved courtyards and terraces around the property.

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Green Acres Malaga

Green-Acres in Malaga

Green-Acres is the leading real estate website for buying second homes in Europe. With more than 220,000 listings in 12 countries, we are the reference platform for buyers wishing to invest in real estate abroad. Whether you are looking for a villa, a longhouse, an apartment in Malaga...
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