Language Schools in Malaga

There are many International Schools in Malaga to choose from. These International Schools follow the British System but are not regulated by OFSTED. They are monitored and regulated by the Junta de Andalucia Consejeria de Educacion (Junta de Andalucia Education Department).


All British Schools in Spain are inspected by the local authorities before being issued with a licence to operate as schools for foreigners. The Curriculum is monitored by the British Council who ensures that the correct curriculum is followed and that teachers have the correct UK recognized qualifications.


An official B.O.J.A. (Boletin official de la Junta de Andalucia) is issued by the Junta de Andalucia once the school has been approved. This licence should be clearly displayed within the school.


There are four international schools in Malaga (although one, Swans International Primary School, is not in Malaga city but in Marbella, about 20 kilometres away from the Malaga city centre).


Here are some schools where you can head to get Spanish language lessons for all levels and ages.


Also some Spanish and international English schools that provide the best guaranteed education for your children.

St George's

St George's in Malaga

Dear Parents, I am delighted to welcome you to the St. George’s Malaga webpage. The school is characterised by key innovative and creative learning experiences in a thriving and happy environment. This is a British international school which enhances students’ bicultural education, as we believe languages are the key to young people´s bright futures. For more information visit the website.
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Instituto Picasso

Instituto Picasso in Malaga

You are now facing the entrance of our Spanish language school in Malaga. As you pass through, you should know that you are entering one of the longest established schools in Malaga, capital of the province of Malaga. Our Spanish language school Picasso is on the best spot in town, in the very heart of the historic and cultural centre of Malaga. In fact, Picasso's birth place, now a museum, shares the same square as the school, and the Picasso Museum...
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